Micro needle array made from "Plastic"

Sheet type microneedle array (hollow microneedle)

Aiming for the world's most gentle needle

Yamada Seiko Co,.Ltd. is researching and developing a plastic injection needle. This hollow micro needle is made by technic for making precision electronic parts daily.
Since the tip of the needle is Φ0.09mm and is extremely thin, it can hardly feel pain because it avoids pain points. Damage to the skin is also minimal because the puncture wound is very small. Because of being made of plastic, it is an injection needle which removes the fear of injection from "appearance".
disposal after use is easy and safe,because it melts at a lower temperature than metal needle. It is suitable for circumstances where it is difficult to manage waste, and we can give consideration to the environment. And because waste disposal costs can be reduced and mass production is possible, it also leads to cost reduction.
This technology is applicable not only to the medical field but also to the field of cosmetic surgery.
We have accumulated technologies using special materials in a clean room. 
Currently we are looking for a partner for commercialization.
Round seat outer diameter φ 9.3 mm
We are developing with medical grade materials such as PP, PGA and LCP. PP on this picture.
inner diameter φ 0.06 mm, outer diameter φ 0.09 mm
From the ease of processing unique to plastics, we applied our own shape change that is less prone to piercing and easier to pierce.
36G injection needle
Outer diameter size image
● Realize unprecedented detail in the world The outside diameter per needle corresponds to 36 G Because the diameter of the needle is small, the tip of the needle does not touch the pain point and it is hard to feel pain
Plastic microneedle injection experiment
Injection experiment
● Experiment to inject coloring matter into gel. It is thought that sufficient performance can be demonstrated under appropriate usage. It is also possible to inject more medicinal solution by changing the position and number of needle holes.
Plastic microneedle puncture test
Repeated puncture test
● Test to observe the condition by repeating puncture with silicone rubber. Even when it exceeds 70 times, there was no significant change in appearance. Although it may "bend" due to the nature of the material, it never "breaks".
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