New idea of ​​single needle Plastic needle

Plastic 24 G injection needle (needle length 20 mm, 7 mm)

From new ideas to new possibilities

It is a new concept of 24g plastic injection needle not on metal needle. Because it is made of resin it is safe to use even if you are allergic to metal. Furthermore, it does not use any metal, so it can be disposed of by incineration. It can reduce the burden of classifying metal needles as nonburnable medical waste and the risk of infection due to needlestick accidents during disposal. Moreover, since it is made of resin that is easy to change shape, it has a new possibility to produce unprecedented shapes and to add another added value from properties different from metals such as ease of coloring and nonmagnetic materials.
We are waiting for a prototype development offer to shape everyone's ideas.
Diameter of joint part conforms to ISO standard
24g injection needle made of PC
24g injection needle mad of PC
Since the needle is transparent, puncturing is possible while checking the position of the liquid
mold flow analysis
Resin flow by flow analysis software
● Possibility of plastic Development is proceeding with needle lengths of 7 mm and 20 mm. 7 mm material is PC,PGA or LCP. 20 mm is molded in two-color-molding using the material of the tip of the needle PC or PGA and the cylindrical part PP. Since the puncture part and the injection port do not have to be the same, it can be thinkable separately  so the shape is high flexibly. As an example, it is possible to change the injection position or change the injection amount of the chemical solution by increasing the number. Moreover, by using PGA which is biodegradable, even if a needle remains in the body, it will be broken down. As one of the possibilities arising from ease of shape change, by processing the tip portion into a spherical shape in the field of cosmetic surgery, there is no risk of damaging the nerves around it at the time of puncture, so it is possible to perform treatment with less risk.
Comparison between plastic and metal
Left: Plastic Right: Metal
● Difference with metal
Nonmagnetic material
Heat insulating property
 Metallic Allergy
● People with special metal allergies are safe Metallic allergy that may be anyone. We do not know when and where allergy will be  developed, but once it is developed, it will not be cured. It is said that many women who wear accessories especially ones after their forties, develop ones. Because it does not use metal at all with plastic, it is made of resin that you can use with confidence even for people with special allergies such as stainless steel and titanium which is a material of common needle.
ISO9001 :2015認証取得